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JiveX Smooth is a fun to learn, fast developing modern partner dance for all ages, that is danced to a wide range of music including many of the current chart favourites, remixes and classic oldies!

The lessons are taught in a relaxed social environment where you can't help but make new friends and have a giggle while you learn.  I currently offer classes in Burton on Trent and Derby, on Monday and Thursday nights respectively and its so easy that you can turn up as and when able without booking or even the need to bring a partner.

My Smooth slotted style of this rapidly developing modern partner dance, combines elements of Modern Jive, West Coast Swing, a little Latin, Blues and Soul for good measure:

I teach the classes where practical, by directly participating on the dance floor in a one to one style that helps my students to learn and understand the dance moves with ease!

The aim of JiveX is to put the word fun right up there as a priority for a good night out!


JiveX Classes

It’s Smooth! It’s Jive! and Most of all, a Fun Sociable way to learn!

JiveXLeafletBackMaking Tracks (Beginners Smooth JiveX Class)

Making Tracks is all about teaching the basics of Smooth Slotted Jive and it is so easy to dance too. If you can tap your two left feet in time with the music, then you can master it very quickly and open up a whole world of new friends and low cost entertainment.

It is about learning the basic Smooth Jive moves but just as important, I will show you how the way that they are executed, with the correct footwork for the guys and the techniques of turning and spinning for the ladies, will help you to avoid derailing and the risk of injury from bumping on the dance floor. Learning these basic moves and techniques will enable you to pass seamlessly through to the “Smooth Train” Intermediate level where you will be set free to express yourself and be creative on the dance floor.

Smooth Train (Variations Smooth JiveX Class)

Smooth Train is the next stage on!  Now I have taught you how to track, turn and spin, in order to keep you in the slot, I will now expand on that as I teach you the Smooth Jive variation moves and add elements of the West Coast Swing strolling style of movement into our dancing.

I don’t use the tricky footwork of West Coast but I utilize the stroll down that track for expression, creativity and fun as you develop your dancing a stage further.

I will show you moves and how to put them together hence the “Smooth Train” but JiveX is not a move factory!  I will encourage you to freestyle and develop your own moves and learn to lead via the lightest of fingertip control, body movement and eye contact. You will also learn how to hit the breaks in the music and quickly slip into and out of blues style dancing.

Quite simply your dancing will be less taxing on the body, yet will still provide you with fitness through aerobic exercise and most importantly it will become more enjoyable, exciting and above all else, FUN!

Now all there is to do is to come along to Burton on Trent and or Derby and give it a try!  You don't even need to bring a partner, just a pair of slippy soled comfortable shoes is all you will need.


JiveX Event Booking Policy - When my event dates are booked, I guarantee that they will not clash with any previously published competitors event to be held locally.

I do this to forge closer links of co-operation with other dance groups and venues in order to try and avoid unnecessary event clashes that ultimately will effect the customer.

As a dancer and a customer for many years I have often had frustrating weekends myself with no dances to go too, when on another week 2 or 3 organisers have put them on on the same night!

I hope that other organisers will respect this policy and try to do the same for the benefit of you the dancing public.

Finally, I do not have a class night date policy other than to say that what we offer is something different from the normally considered routine class.  Give us a try and you will soon see why!  See you on the dance floor...

Regards Andrew



Distinctive!  Slotted!  Smooth Modern Jive!

Great Music!  Great Dancing!  Great FUN!



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